Certification Services


RUAG Schweiz AG is an EASA Part 21J approved design organisation. Under ”Design Organisation Approval“ (DOA) Approval Number EASA.21J451,  RUAG holds the privilege of developing major and minor repairs, and major and minor changes (Modification), to small and large aeroplanes and rotorcraft (CS23, CS25, CS27, CS29). The scope of our DOA also includes Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS).As well, we also retain the privilege to issue a permit to fly. In addition, RUAG Schweiz AG holds several OEM approvals to issue and approve design changes and concessions for e.g. Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Pilatus.

RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH in Germany (Oberpfaffenhofen) holds its own full DOA (Approval No.: EASA.21J.038) and also holds the Type Design (TC) of the Dornier aircraft Do228, Do128, Do28 and Do27.

RUAG Aviation certifies modifications and changes through various authorities including EASA, FAA and other NAA’s. Furthermore, RUAG has extensive experience with modifications and repairs, and their approvals to military registered aircraft and rotorcraft.

To the right there is a list of all minor and major modifications, where RUAG Schweiz AG and RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH in Germany are the modification approval holders. Selections can be made per Minor Change or STC, multiple or single and aircraft type.

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